Aluminium modular extensible ladder for poles, with antifall devices


SKU: TEMA-014.4E / TEMA-014.9E

The modular extensible ladder is a technical equipment used for ascending, descending and working at height on poles with round or rectangular section of low or medium voltage electrical distribution networks, telephone networks or urban or railway transport networks.
The ladder is intended for professional use and must be operated by properly trained workers, in particular as regards the safety of personnel, during work where there is a risk of falling from a height.

The modular extensible ladder is made of aluminum alloy profiles and pipes. The sections that make up the ladder are obtained by TIG welding (also known as “argon” welding).
The steps are made of pipe with non-slip outer surface, and each intermediate / top section is equipped with a fastening system provided with a fastening rope for anchoring on the pole. The base section is provided with a fastening system with a chain for firm anchoring on the pole.

The modular extensible ladder is equipped with four antifall devices, compliant with EN 795, of which two – model MA 29/1 – positioned on the top section and two – model MA 29 / 1.L, which can slide along the support of rigid anchorage placed on the side of each intermediate section, allowing the safe ascent / descent of the user.
If it is necessary for the user to station on the ladder for a long period of time, it is recommended to use the work platform provided on request.

The modular extensible ladder can only be used by one person (user weight, including clothing and equipment, up to 100 kg), only in an upright position, connected to the pole.

The modular extensible ladder consists of the following elements:
Base section (length 0.36 m / 2 steps) – 014 / B
– Several intermediate sections (length of 2.5 m / 10 steps) – 014 / I
Top section (length 2.5 m / 10 steps) – 014 / C
Working platform (optional) – 014 / PL

Base section weight 014/B (including chain) (kg) 8,5
Intermediate section weight 014/I (kg) 6
Top section weight 014/C (kg) 8,3
Working platform weight 014/PL (kg) 1