Filter nozzle – type RAP

Filter nozzle - type RAP

The filter nozzles – type RAP are manufactured in various types, depending on the rated filtering surfaces and the mounting piece in the concrete plate.

These nozzles can be mounted in concrete plates with thickness of  50 ÷ 110 mm.

For the new concrete plates, there are used the nozzles that contain the sleeve that will be integrated in the concrete plate.

For refurbishing / upgrading existing concrete plates, there are used nozzles that contain a reduction or nozzles that do not contain a sleeve or reduction.

Curves of loss pressure (ΔP) at regeneration depending on the flow (Q) and dimensions of the slots from the nozzle head (36 x 0,2 / 36 x 0,4)

The RAP type filter nozzle contains the following components:
1. Cushion pipe;
2. Nozzle head (6 types);
3. Sleeve M24;
4. Short reduction M30x17 or long reduction M30x27.