Drift eliminators

The drift eliminators retain the air actuated drops (drops generated by spreading the water in the dispersion devices) in counterflow and crossflow towers, with natural or forced draft. The drift eliminators usually retain drops larger than 50 microns. The small drops (under 10 microns), generated by water vapors condensation (fog from the tower's crest), are not retained by the drift eliminators. The water separated from the air flow is returned back as large drops in the recycled water. The drift eliminators assure: - water loss decrease, cost savings with chemicals for the water treatment; - environment protection (the bacteria and the salts remain in the circuit); - erosion decrease of the fan blades in the forced draft cooling towers, increasing the life cycle; - protection against appearance of glazed frost in the neighboring area.

Drift eliminators – SS38 type

Drift eliminators - SS38 type