Voltage detectors for electrical public transport – DTTU-Tv

Voltage detectors for electrical public transport - DTTU-Tv

Code: DTTU-Tv 

The voltage detectors DTTU-TV are designed to check and signalize the presence of voltage through direct contact with the conductors of power networks for urban transport (trolley/tramway) (825 V DC).
Before each use the detectors must be self-tested by pressing the test button. If the battery is charged and the electronic circuits are functioning normally, once pressing the test button, the detector will optically and acoustically signalize. After validation of self-test, the voltage detector is brought in direct contact with the conductor.

In the presence of DC voltage, the detector lights up a red LED – for reverse polarity – or green LED – for normal polarity – (visible in high ambient lighting conditions) and releases acoustic signals (higher than 69 dB (A)). In the presence of AC voltage, the detector lights up both red and green LEDs.

The DTTU-Tv detector contains a single insulating stick (including the electronic circuits) in order to get in contact with the tram’s contact line connected through an insulated conductor (8 m length) with pliers for the contact with the tram’s rail. The checking of voltage can be performed by remote, using an appropriate insulating stick + an appropriate adaptor (e.g. telescopic stick PTU-AS-400-4c + adaptor AC-DTTU or modulated stick PMU 400-3 B/ba + adaptor AB-DTTU)

Technical characteristics

Operational voltage (V DC)


Threshold voltage (V DC)

130 ± 20

Test voltage (V/1min)


Power supply

9 V battery type 6LR61

Temperature range – operation  (0C)

-25 …+55

Temperature range – long term storage (0C)


IP Protection

IP 20

Weight (kg)