Voltage detector for HV installations – DTCIER-P 220-400 kV

Voltage detector for HV installations - DTCIER-P 220-400 kV


Code: DTCIER/P 220-400 kV 

The voltage detectors DTCIER/P 220-400 kV is designed to check and signalize the presence of voltage through direct contact with HV conductors. These detectors can be used during wet and dry weather, in indoor and outdoor installations.

The voltage detectors are permanently ready to perform the testing being in stand by stage. Before each use the detectors must be self-tested by pressing the test button. If the battery is charged and the electronic circuits are functioning normally, once pressing the test button, the detector will optically (red colour) and acoustically signalize. After releasing the test button, the acoustical signal stops, but the green LED of the detector will stay on, continuously, for around 2 minutes, conforming the detector is ready to perform checking the presence of voltage. For performing the checking of the presence/absence of voltage the detector should be attached to an appropriate insulating stick and should be brought in contact with the tested conductor. If the voltage is present, the red LEDs of detector will light up and acoustical warning signals will be released.

For usage in wet conditions, it is mandatory the use of an appropriate stick and spraying on the outer surface of the detector and the stick with a pellicle of silicone oil (delivered upon request).



Operational voltage (kV)

220 – 400

Temperature range – operation and storage (0C)

-25 …+55

Temperature range – long-term storage (0C)


Power supply

Alkaline battery 9V, 6LR61 type

Dimensions – without contact electrode (mm)

Ø 78 x 165

Dimensions – with contact electrode (mm)

Ø 78 x 380

Weight including battery (kg)


Operational in wet conditions