Voltage connectors – type COT 10-95 A – for LV twisted conductors


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Intended use: by permanent mounting on twisted conductors of LV overhead lines.

Application: from height (from the ladder, from the basket), without de-energising the line, using specialised insulating tools.


-Branch terminal ENSTO – SL 11.118 – 1 piece

-Connection subassembly – 1 piece

Technical characteristics


Nominal voltage Un (kV)

max. 1

Sections of insulated conductors where voltage connectors can be mounted Sc (mm2)

10; 16; 25; 35; 50; 50 Ol+Al; 70; 95

Nominal short-circuiting current t = 1s Isc (kA)


Nominal shock (peak) current for t = 0,02 s Isd (kA)


Short-circuit test current for t = 1s (kA)


Shock (peak) test current for t = 0,02 s (kA)


Power factor (accordind to SR EN 61230)


Dielectric resistance of the housing (kV/1 min)


Housing type

Sealed and ventilated

Housing material

High density polyethylene (PEHD)

Contact element material

Aluminium alloy

Fitting material

Stainless steel

Tightening methods

With torque indicator handle wrench

Torque value

26 Nm

Protection against corrosion and oxidation (contact Al/Cu)

Contact elements: neutral tinning and vaseline 0with 120 Cdropping point. Fasteners: stainless steel

Measurements for the compensation of the cold leakage of the aluminium conductor

Two stainless steel elastic elements that provide a constant torque in time

Minimum permitted temperature for installation (OC)


Operating temperature range (OC)



-Branch terminal ENSTO – SL 11.118 – 1 piece

-Connection subassembly – 1 piece