Voltage absence (disappearance) detector


The voltage absence (disappearance) detector is used for live works performed on medium voltage overhead lines and is intended to indicate the sudden disappearance of voltage from one of the conductors that are normally live. The device is provided with an elastic metallic clamp as a contact electrode, a clamp which allows the fixing of this device on the overhead line conductor.

The handling of this equipment (installation and uninstallation) on overhead line conductors is made with an appropriate insulating stick.

The detector housing includes at the lower part a ‘’universal’’ coupling system (socket) which can be attached with a ring-type adapter which allows the safe handling of the device in the application / disassembly operations.

The accidental disappearance of voltage from the overhead line conductor is indicated by the detector with intermittent red optical and sound signals.

The presence of voltage is indicated by green LED lights on the detector, without any sounds.

Technical characteristics Value
Rated operating voltage (kV) 10 – 30
Supply 9 V alkaline battery type 6LR61
Metallic clamp weight (kg) 0,55
Sun-ring adapter weight (kg) 0,075
Total weight (kg) 0,55