Triangular aluminum ladder for lattice metallic poles

Triangular aluminum ladder for lattice metallic poles

Code: 2146AN470

The triangular aluminum ladder is used for ascent / descent and working at height on lattice metallic poles. When the ladder is suspended from the metallic structure of the column, it protects the operator against falling from height, through its guided type fall arrester.

The ladder has the advantage of allowing work under normal conditions even if the pole is covered with ice, in which case even the climbing spurs cannot be used safely. The ladder can be used on sloping portions of the pole or of the console.

The ladder is made ​​of aluminum and has a triangular profile section.

On one side, the triangular ladder is equipped with a guided type fall arrester that complies with EN 353-1 standard. At the fall arrester will be attached the gripping element (frontal ring) of the safety harness of the operator. The fall arrester can be handled and positioned with a pulley system fixed in the ladder ends.

The ladder is equipped with a steel reinforced hook, whose size allows an easy anchoring of the ladder and a safe climb of the operator. Along with climbing the lattice metallic pole, the first person can lift also a flexible anchoring support that, after being anchored on the pole, can be used for ascent / descent of others operators, without being mandatory the use of the ladder as anchoring element.    

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Maximum operating load (kg)


Breaking load (daN)


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