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Mobile work platforms, height adjustable – PLM 1800 type

SKU: PLM 1800 2R / 4R

Code: PLM 1800 – 2R
PLM 1800 – 4R

The mobile work platforms, height adjustable, PLM 1800 – 2R or PLM 1800 – 4R type, can be used when the operator must work comfortably at a height up to 3,8 m. Due to its modular structure and the fast coupling elements, the platforms can be easily assembled. The V profile extensions from the base of the platform allow the increase of the horizontal sitting surface, thus assuring increased stability during work.

The mobile work platform can be made in two types: PLM1800-2R (provided with 2 transport wheels and 2 adjustable sustaining legs) or PLM1800-4R (provided with 4 transport wheels).
The transport of the platform can be done either by pushing or pulling it, through the transport wheels (the model PLM1800-2R will be se transported like a wheelbarrow).
In order to fix the platform for working at height, the transport wheels and the sustaining legs will be adjusted, in a maximum 160 mm interval, with a 40 mm pace. The stability of the platform is ensured by blocking the transport wheels through a built-in blocking system.

In order to work at more than 1 meter, the access on the work platform is allowed only from the inside.

Technical characteristics

Maximum working height A (m)






Height levels of the work platform B (m)






Platform height C (m)


Maximum sitting surface (m)

1,92 x 1,42

Dimensions of the work platform (m)

1,50 x 0,60

Dimensions of the transport wheels (mm)


Platform weight PLM 1800 – 2R / 4R (kg)

46 / 56

Maximum admitted load (kg/m2)