Line mounted programmable short circuit and earth fault indicator – Linetroll 110Eu

SKU: Linetroll 110Eu

Code: Linetroll 110Eμ

Linetroll 110Eµ is a line mounted fault indicator for local indication. It is a single phase unit, but as they normally are used in groups of 3, to fully cover different fault configurations that may occur, they are delivered as kit of 3 units each package.
It is a Fault Passage Indicator; detects down-streams fault in OH-distribution network; short circuit and earth fault if the network provide sufficient earth fault current. The indicators are placed at strategic locations along the line such as after branching points and sectionalisers. It mounts directly on the high voltage conductor.

Linetroll 110Eµ continuously monitors the line voltage and phase current, the sources of information it needs to operate. The unit is fully self contained; no external transformers or connections are required. During normal line conditions the 110Eµ does not flash.
Upon fault sensing, all indicators installed in the faulty phase(s) between the feeding substation and the fault will operate. The indicators placed behind the fault or in the non-damaged phase(s) remain idle.
Upon detecting a fault on the line, the indication by means of an intermittent red LED- flash for permanent fault and a green LED for a transient faults.

The lens of the indicator allow for uniform 360 degrees monitoring.

Parameter name


Network voltage (kV)

6 – 69

Maximum fault sensitivity (Di/Dt)

6, 12, 25, 60 , sau 120A for t > 60 ms

Power supply

Lithium battery : 3,6 V; 14,5 Ah
Battery replacement interval normally after 10 years or after 1500 hours of flashing

Conductor diameter (mm)

5 ÷ 36

Dimensions (mm)

85 x 50 x 220

Operating and storage temperature range (0C)


Weight (including battery) (kg)