Lightweight Universal Classic Earthing Clamps

SKU: P 2402-0-00p / P 2403-0-00p

Lightweight Universal Earthing Clamp (CCRU/B or P and CCNU/B or P) are clamps derived from the Universal Classic clamps (CCRU and CCNU) by adding an insulated handle (B) or a sliding cross rod (P) on the driving screw of the clamps.

These clamps can replace successfully clamps CLPR-16 or CLPN-30 in the standard structure of mobile short-circuiting devices.

Technical characteristics   Value Value
Clamp type  CCRU/P  CCNU/P
Code P 2402-0-00p P 2403-0-00p
Nominal short-circuit for t = 1 s Isc (kA) 12.5 kA/1s 23.75 kA/1s
Clamp body execution procedure Cast body Cast body
Material Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Weight (kg) 0.3 0.44
Thickness of conductor bar where the phase clamp can be applied (mm) 30 mm 45 mm
Diameter of the sphere (mm) Ø20 / Ø25 Ø20 / Ø25
Diameter of the conductor where the phase clamp can be applied (mm) 4÷30 4÷36