Filter nozzle – Type RC

Filter nozzle - Type RC

The filter nozzle – type RC are usually designed for:
– rinsing filters;
– mixed bed filters.

The RC type nozzles are manufactured in various types depending on the rated filtering surfaces.

The RC type nozzles can be mounted on rubberized or metallic plates, GRP plates, with thickness of maximum 34 mm.

The variation diagram of loss pressure (ΔP) depending the flow (Q) and dimensions of the slots from the nozzle head (24 x 0,2 / 36 x 0,2)


The RC type nozzle contains the following components:
1. Cushion pipe;
2. Nozzle head (6 types);
3. Nut.

Optionally, the RL nozzles can be provided with polypropylene (4) and / or rubber gasket (5).