The face shield protects the eyes and face during the execution of profile interventions.
The protective face shield is an personal protective equipment recommended for a wide range of users:
– health care stuff,
– dentists
– painters,
– construction workers,
– home users, etc.

The shield screen provides additional protection against the risk of contacting various contagious diseases (by splashes) as well as prevents accidents resulting from spraying with solid materials and particles.

The face shield consists of a support (crest) of white plastic, on which is mounted a transparent plastic screen (PET-A). This material combines excellent thermoformability with high impact resistance. The screen is clear and transparent, with extreme light transmission and high gloss.
The support (crest) is equipped with ventilation / demisting slots.

The protection of the skin (forehead) in the contact area is provided by a soft rubber band applied on the inside of the support (crest).

The face shield is attached to the head by means of an elastic band, 2 cm wide, with a fixed length or with a length-adjusting buckle.

– Ergonomic
– Reusable
– Can be sanitized (with alcohol-based solutions)
– Can be used by people who wear glasses
– Does not mist over

Screen Transparent – thickness 0,5 mm
Screen Material PET-A
Unfolded screen size (mm) 297 x 164
Support (crest) White polypropylene
Head fastening system Fixed / Adjustable with buckle
Distance between screen and face (mm) Maximum 70 (median area)
Weight (gr) 70

The face shield consists of :
– support (crest) of white plastic
– transparent plastic screen (PET-A)
– elastic band, 2 cm wide, with a fixed length or with a length-adjusting buckle