The earthing rods are used to make the earth sockets.
The rods can be joined together, as there is a hole at the top of the rods, and at the bottom, the tip is knurled, which allows for good fixation and durable contact.

The protective head AFK2020BE has the role of protecting the stake against mechanical shock when it is hammered into the ground.

The coupling of the copper plate to these rods is done with the help of special brass clamps (code: AFK0020RP).

The earthing rods have an electrolytic copper coating with a minimum thickness of 250 microns.


AFK 0420 PT

 Domain of use Realization of the earthing
 Assembly Mounted vertically in the ground and can be extended
 Material Steel – copper 250 μm
 Weight  1,800 kg
Dimensions 1000 x Ø 17,3 mm