Digital multimeter – EazyMM type



EazyMM compact digital multimeter is a small handheld device which allows the quick measurement, with a ±0,6%, accuracy of the following parameters: alternating voltage value, direct voltage value, resistance value, frequency value, condenser capacity value.

EazyMM also allows the inspection of power circuit continuity and test of diodes.

EazyMM has a compact and ergonomic design for single-hand use, provided with a large LCD display (5000 d resolution) and black and red testers. The multimeter is also provided with a data save (Hold) function, automated adjustment of metering intervals, automated shutdown and signalling of low battery level

Technical characteristics Value
Alternating / direct voltage 0,1 mV ÷ 600 V (accuracy  ± 0,6%)
Resistance 0,1 Ω ÷ 40 MΩ
Frequency 1 Mhz ÷ 5 mHz
Capacity 10 ρF ÷ 100 μF
Overvoltage category CAT II 600 V / CAT III 300 V
Supply two  1,5 V batteries type GPA 76
Overall dimensions  56 x 112 x 12
 Weight 0,115