CPREzy – CPR assistance kit

CPREzy - CPR assistance kit


Code: CPREzy

The CPREzy-Pad (chest compression pad) is a CPR assistance kit for both inexperienced and experienced rescuers, developed over many years with the support and cooperation from doctors and medical organizations and provides a very simple feedback mechanism, which can be used very easily in a real emergency.

The CPREzy-Pad can be used at the work place (offices, factories, sites, electrical installations), public places (schools, magazines, restaurants, stadiums, gyms, entertainment centers, pools, medical cabinets), in military units, transport system, in medical urgency services.

The key to effective CPR chest compressions is a combination of achieving the correct rate, rhythm and depth compression. CPREzy-Pad assist’s rescuers achieve these criteria by visually and audibly indicating the rate and depth at which CPR chest compressions should be performed.

When used correctly, CPREzy-Pad can reduce the risk of rib fractures, cartilage separation and coronary artery and cardiac conduction system damage. The rescuer achieves this risk reduction by applying only enough force to illuminate the LED that corresponds to the victim’s approximate size. Rescuers should also be aware of an increased risk of chest injury when the caution light is illuminated during compressions.

Research suggests that to maintain adequate blood flow to the vital organs, rescuers must fully release the applied pressure between chest compressions. This relaxation of pressure allows the heart to passively fill prior to the next chest compression.

When using CPREzy-Pad, rescuers should ensure that none of the green LED’s are illuminated during the upstroke of compression. This indicates that pressure has been released between compressions and is essential for the effective administration of CPR.

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