Spherical pieces (Ball studs)


Intended use: achievement of permanent spherical fixed points for the mounting of phase clamps for short-circuiting devices in high/medium voltage power substations.

Application: manual, performed on flat bars, packets of bus bars of various thicknesses, with the de-energisation of the installation.

Types of spherical parts – 3 types (with various forms: straight or inclined):
-Sphere Ø30 mm
-Sphere Ø25 mm
-Sphere Ø20 mm


  • Spherical coupling part -1 piece
  • Fittings – 1 set (with sizes as per the customer’s demands)

Tips: these spherical pieces (Ball studs) must replace bar assembly screws.

Technical characteristics
Sphere diameter (mm) 20 25 30
Nominal short-circuiting current for  t = 1s Isc (kA) 11 17,5 30
Nominal shock (peak) current for t = 0,02 s Isd (kA) 27,5 43,75 75
Stud thread dimension M12 M12 M12;M14;M16
Free length of the stud rod – on demand  (mm) 30; 40 30; 40 30;40;50;60;70;80
Type of phase clamp which can be applied on this system CCRU CCRU/CCNU/CCTU CCU/CAU/CARU


-Spherical coupling part -1 piece

-Assembly item – 1 set (with sizes as per the customer’s demands)

Tips: these fixed spherical parts are recommended for installation instead of bar assembly screws.