Contact probes for multitesters


SKU: PA 01

Contact probes PA 01 are used together with low voltage bipolar detectors for the remote and safe performance of the inspection of the presence/absence of voltage (VLT) on low voltage overhead lines (with bare conductors) or in indoor or outdoor (street level) distribution boxes.

These probes are made of insulating tubes provided at one end with the contact electrode and at the other end with the handle.

The following types of detectors can be attached on each insulating tube: EazyVolt, Profi III and TJT. The probes provide IP 20 protection class.

Given their shape, contact electrodes allow the hanging of the probes on overhead lines conductors and permanent maintenance of the detector in contact, throughout the entire work period, as long as the installation is de-energised.

Technical characteristics
Maximum operating voltage (V) 1000
Test voltage (V/1min) 6000
Operating temperature range (°C)  -25…+55
Probe length/handle diameter (mm) 1.165/30
Weight of a set of probes with / without bag (kg) 0.3/0.6