Anchoring hooks with self-blocking lever DT 650-02 – opening 75 mm

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Code: DT 650 – 02

The anchoring hooks with self-blocking lever DT 650-02 type are components of the protective systems against falling from height and are recommended to be applied / fixed on the consoles of the overhead lines poles. By attaching from the hook a flexible anchoring support and mounting it on the pole’s console, it is created an anchoring point for operators working at height.

The anchoring hooks are made of corrosion protected steel. The hooks are provided with a lever provided with a ring in order to allow its operation when the hook is attached / detached from the metallic pole console. The hooks are provided at the bottom with an eyelet allowing the connection of a snap hook fixed at the anchoring flexible support. The DT 650 hooks are delivered along with a hexagonal handling piece that can be fixed on top of the insulating telescopic stick.

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Maximum operating load (daN)


Minimum static breaking force (daN)


Hook opening (mm)


Dimensions (mm)

230 x253

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