Aluminum suspended ladder with one fall arrester

Aluminum suspended ladder with one fall arrester

Code: 2149 C …

The aluminum suspended ladder with one fall arrester is used for interventions at the supporting insulators chain and at the support clamps of the conductors of high voltage overhead lines, on metallic lattice poles. The ladder is suspended by the pole console right in line with the insulators chain and the operator may descend on it in order to perform various interventions. Avoiding the ladder’s balance is achieved by anchoring it by the insulators chain with a supporting rope or by anchoring it with a rope from the ground.

The ladder is made ​​of aluminum, from one or two sections (depending on desired length).

The stiles have “T” profiles, having the function of support elements for sliding the guided type fall arresters, made ​​in accordance with EN 353-1. At the fall arrester will be attached the gripping element (frontal ring) of the safety harness of the operator.

The ladder has two steel hooks; their sizes allow the easy suspension of the ladder by the pole’s console and assure the safety at work. The suspended ladder is safely mounted by blocking the hooks with safety chains.  

Parameter name


Maximum operating load (kg)


Hook opening (mm)


Ladder width (mm)


Distance between steps (mm)