Alcohol test vial

The alcohol test vials are used to verify the exceeding of the alcohol limit of 0,5 grams/liter alcohol in blood equivalent to the value of 0,25 mg/l alcohol in the breath. The alcohol testing is done hygienically, the testing kit containing disposable items: a vial and a plastic foil balloon. The vial does not require metal cells activation, it is activated by simply pressing the two ends toward the perforation line (see photo).
The test procedure is very simple: to blow air into the balloon until it fills with air. The vial is activated by pressing the two ends firmly, and then inserts the blue end of the vial into the special place of the balloon. Press the balloon so that all air is evacuated through the vial in about 15 seconds. In the presence of alcohol in the air, the reactive crystals turn green. The interpretation of the result must be done within 2-15 minutes after emptying the balloon: when the green color of the crystals exceeds the marking from the central area of ​​the vial, then it is considered that it is exceeded the limit of 0,25 mg/l alcohol in the breath .

Important to know:
1. The testing should be performed after at least 10 minutes after consuming alcoholic beverages
2. The maximum value of the alcohol in breath is obtained after about an hour after drinking