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Closed circuit

The closed circuit cooling towers are used as an alternative for the open circuit cooling towers with heat exchangers, in those cases where the cooled liquid (usually water or glycol water) must maintain constant the physical and chemical characteristics in time and remain unpolluted by external factors. The close circuit cooling towers offer a cooling capacity between 80 and 1700 kW, depending its model and dimension. These cooling towers are made from non-corrosive materials and have the following characteristics: - the basin and the top lid are made of fiberglass (GRP) (completely non-corrosive); - GRP sandwich panels, with 22 cm thickness (double fiberglass layer interposed with expanded material); - support system from stainless steel, galvanized after processing and welding it; - 3 walls that can be completely removed in order to clean the serpentine pipes; - fan directly driven by an electric motor; - basin manufactured with smoothed / rounded corners for complete emptying to facilitate cleaning.