Fuse handle with protective sleeve


Code: MMPS / 1 – MPR    

The fuse handle with protective sleeve is a protective equipment designed for insertion and extraction of HRC (high rupture capacity) fuses for LV electrical installations. This device can be also used to handle insulating knives for fuse sockets or phase knives of the short-circuiting devices for LV panel boards and cabinets.

The handle with protective sleeve is made of insulated and fireproof materials (Bakelite and polycarbonate) and it can be used for handling of all sizes HRC fuses (00…3).
The protective sleeve protects the worker’s arm toward the thermal effect of the electric arc flash that might accidentally appears during the fuse insertion or extraction.

The sleeve is made of suede leather.


Material sleeve



Withstand voltage


Suede leather


2-2,5 mm

5000 V/1min.