Earthing clamps of classic construction


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Manual earthing clamps (CLPR-16 and CLPN-30) currently used as components of short-circuiting devices are manufactured in two dimensional versions depending on the value of the rated short-circuit current that must be provided using a short-circuiting device and the size of the earthed element where they will be mounted.

The clamps perform the earthing of the short-circuiting devices, by their application and fixing on metallic element known as part of or connected to the earthing installation of an enclosure or at the ground plate of an outdoor installation or on the mobile earthing electrodes of the short-circuiting devices.

The earthing clamps must be applied on clean surfaces, without any traces of paint or oxides. The body and the mobile jaw of earthing clamps are copper-aluminium alloy die cast items.

The tightening system, manually operated, consists of the driving screw (made of steel, protected against corrosion by zinc coating) and the mobile jaw.

Nominal short-circuit for t = 1 s Isc (kA) 16 kA/1s 30 kA/1s
Clamp body execution procedure Turnare Turnare
Material Aliaj cupru Aliaj cupru
Weight (kg) 0.46 1.06
Thickness of conductor bar where the phase clamp can be applied  (mm) 22 mm 37 mm