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The anchoring device of overhead line poles is designed and manufactured in order to improve the stability of wooden or concrete poles when there are doubts about the quality of wood in the buried section. This device is used temporarily, when intervention works require the access of workers directly on the pole (with climbing spurs) […]

The modular extensible ladder is a technical equipment used for ascending, descending and working at height on poles with round or rectangular section of low or medium voltage electrical distribution networks, telephone networks or urban or railway transport networks. The modular extensible ladder is equipped with four antifall devices, compliant with EN 795, of which two – […]

The modernization works of the cooling tower cells of SNGN Romgaz S.A. – Iernut Thermal Power Plant are nearing completion. The work is carried out by Strabag and a wide range of Romind products is used for the execution of cooling systems: R80 cooling tower fill SS38 Drift eliminators Water distribution system with water dispersion devices – […]