Warning device for voltage presence with blocking system – DAPT/BA 6-35 kV

Warning device for voltage presence with blocking system - DAPT/BA 6-35 kV

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Code: DAPT/BA 6-35 kV

DAPT/BA  6-35 kV are warning electronic devices designed to detect and signalize the presence of voltage in MV indoor cabinets, in order to prevent / to block the accidental or unauthorized access beyond the fences of the electrical installation. This device should be mounted on the outside frame of the cabinet’s door. The permanent magnet (which assures the control of the device functioning) should be fixed on the door. While the door is closed, its position should be in front of marked zone of the detecting device. Depending to the configuration of the cabinets, the detecting antenna can be fixed to the device’s terminal or can be replaced by a special long antenna (up to 2,5 meters).

As long as the conductors (bus bars) from inside are energized and the door is open, the device will warn (through acoustical and optical signals) the workers about the presence of a hazardous area. Through its electromagnetic locking system (ELS), this device also blocks the opening of the cabinet’s door as long as the conductors (bus bars) from inside are energized. Opening of the door can be done by pushing the “UNBLOCKING” button from ELS only while the bars are not energized. The locking mechanism will be deactivate and the door can be deliberately opened through a special key not later than 15 seconds after the pushing of button. If the door is still closed, the locking mechanism will be automatically reactivated and the access will be denied. Thus the risk to allow an accidentally access due to a mistake of usage is avoided. Also, the closing of the door will generate the blocking of the locking mechanism.



Operation voltage (kV)

6 – 35

Acoustical signal (dB)


Optical signal for voltage presence

Red LED, intermitent

Optical signal for external power source

Green LED, continuous

Optical signal for internal battery

Yellow LED, continuous

Optical signal from ELS

Red LED = Locked
Green LED = Unlocked

Temperature range – operation and storage  (0C)

-15 …+45

Temperature range – long term storage (0C)


Selftesting button


Internal power supply – alkaline battery

9 V Type 6LR61

External power supply

11…15V/max. 0,5A

IP Protection

IP 20

DAPT detecting device – dimensions  (mm)

195 x 72 x 28

ELS – dimensions  (mm)

238 x 85 x 51




– DAPT  Detecting device;

– Electromagnetic locking system (ELS)- Antenna;

– Permanent magnet;

– Special key;

– Special long antenna (optional).