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Voltage detectors – EazyVolt – 750 V


SKU: EazyVolt / EazyVolt Plus

 EazyVolt and EazyVolt bipolar low voltage detectors (also known as Multitesters) provide optical and acoustic signalling of the presence and level of alternating and direct voltage, the homopolar indication of the network phase, inspection of continuity of power circuits, semiconductor junctions and indication of phase sequence in three-phase power networks.

Starting from a voltage rate of more than 50 V AC / 120 V DC, in bipolar measurement, detectors provide optical and acoustic indications of the presence of hazardous voltage.

Detectors provide optical indications of the presence of voltage in bipolar configuration and in the circumstances that the batteries are discharged or missing.

Detectors are of compact design, protected against overvoltage (CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V), high protection level IP 65, self-test function, miniflashlight function with LED lamps located frontally for the lighting of the work area and automated disconnection position which prevents the premature discharge of batteries. Detectors are in permanent stand-by condition, the performance of measurements being available immediately, whithout having to operate a start button.

EazyVolt / EazyVolt multitesters are provided with an internal load able to trigger a RCD device at a current of 10 mA or 30 mA by the simple contact of the device terminal to a phase conductor and protection neutral (PE).

Multitesters can be used together with contact extensions pieces PA-01.

Detector model  EazyVolt EazyVolt Plus
Rated operating voltage (V c.a.) 12÷750 V c.a. 12÷750 V c.a. (± 1,3 % + 5d)
Rated operating voltage (V c.c.) 12÷750 V c.c. 12÷750 V c.c. (± 1,0 % + 2d)
Resolution (V) LED: 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 750 LCD (liquid crystal display)
Frequency range 45 ÷ 65 Hz
Maximum duration of measurement (s) 30
Homopolar phase detection  OPTICAL AND ACOUSTIC FOR U >100V c.a.
Phase sequence indication in three-phase power networks YES
Self-test YES
Resistance measurement NO YES, 0…2 KΩ
Frequency measurement NO 30-999 Hz
Range of operating temperatures (°C)   -15…+45
Protection level  IP 65
Overall size (mm)   239 x 68 x 29
Battery detector weight (kg) 0,230 0,240
Supply 2 BATTERIES x 1,5 V, R03, AAA