Universal device for ladder fastening on top of vehicles

SKU: PD 188

The universal device for ladder fastening on vehicles is used for the safe transportation of the various types of ladders (made of aluminum or GRP, extensible, hybrid or multipurpose) located on the support bar system mounted beforehand on the vehicle roof.

The device is particularly useful to rescue teams, providing a simple and professional solution intended to substitute the improvised systems for the fastening of ladders on the vehicle roof.

Parameter name


Dimensions (mm)

25 x 350 x 500

Maximum width of ladder (mm)*


Maximum thickness of ladder (mm)*


Weight (kg)


* Dimensions of the ladder in tight estate

Each device contains:
– anchoring hook
– tightening nut with operating arms
– side-limiter subassembly

All items of these assemblies are made of steel and protected against corrosion by galvanizing.