Transport tube for insulating sticks

Transport tube for insulating sticks

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Code: P 2347-0-00

The transport tube for insulating sticks is designed for optimum transportation with vans of these types of devices, with protecting them against wet conditions and UV rays. The tube is made of plastic and is provided with fixing devices on the support crossbars mounted on the roof of the vehicle in advance. The tube is provided with an extraction device of short insulating sticks, if these cannot be pulled out manually. At one end, the tube is equipped with a mobile lid, equipped with an safety system against accidental opening and (optionally) with a lock.

In the transport tube there can be simultaneously transported the following:
– an insulating stick (of 6 or 9 m) PTU-AS-400-4-C or PTU-AS-400-6-C;
– an insulating stick from one module, PMU-20-1-B/ba or PMU-20-1-B/baS;
– an insulating telescopic stick PTU 20-35 F (R) or PTU 110 F (R)


–  an insulating telescopic stick (of 9 m) PTU-AS-400-6-C;
–  an insulating stick from two modules (PMU-110-2-B/ba or the stick of the short-circuiting device for MV overhead lines equipped with self-tightening clamps)
–  an insulating telescopic stick PTU 20-35 F (R)

Parameter name


Outer diameter (mm)

Ø 180

Inner diameter (mm)

Ø 150

Total length Lt (mm)


Utile length (interior) Lu (mm)