Tr fixed point

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The “Tr” fixed point has a “T” shape, is provided with a round section piece and can be permanently mounted on a large range of flexible round conductors, in order to improve the montage conditions of the phase clamps and to indicate the application point for earthing devices.

The “Tr” fixed points are universal, having the same shape, regardless of the cable`s section on which they are mounted, made of aluminum alloy.

Technical characteristics

Nominal short-circuiting current for t=1s Isc (kA)


Nominal peak currrent for t=0,02s Isd (kA)


Testing short-circuiting current for t = 1s Itest (kA)


Testing peak current for t = 0,02 s Ipeak (kA)


Peak factor (SR EN 61230)


Range of nominal diameters of the flexibile conductors ØD (mm)

19 – 36

Range of sections of the flexibile conductors (mm2)

185 – 680