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TM 9 tripod

TM 9 tripod

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The TM 9  tripod
 is an equipment designed to create an anchoring point for works in channels, wells or other similar spaces, wwhere the operator must be safely lowered from the reference point, that can be the ground level, certain floors, roofs, until the working area.  

The tripod is provided with 3 telescopic legs that can be positioned in a circular area with diameter between 1,66 and 2,36 m. At the base, the legs have rubber antislippery pads. In order to fix the legs in extended position, they are tied between eachother with a chain or straps. 

The tripod is designed so it allows the fixing (on any of its legs) the rescue device with pulley RUP 502. 

The tripod is equipped in the top area where with an aluminum piece with 4 anchoring points. 

Parameter name


Maximum operating load (daN)


Minimum static breaking force (kN)


Transport dimensions (cm)

Ø23 x 175

Weight (kg) (variant with chain / strap)

17,3 / 14,3