Three phase earthing device for MV overhead lines-application from the ground-self-fastening phase clamp



Code: Msp – AS – 3×35/10 – O/p  

The three phase earthing device provided with self-fastening phase clamps can be applied from the ground on the MV overhead lines, up to 10 m height.

The phase clamp has a simple and efficient self-fastening system, its fastening on conductor being insured by the weight of assembly “copper earthing cable – metallic telescopic stick”. The phase clamp is permanently fixed on top of the metallic telescopic stick. The main parts of the phase clamp are made by casting from aluminium alloy. The telescopic stick is made from three aluminium pipes. The earthing device contains also a special connectable insulating stick (2 modules) provided with a coupling system which allows the connection with the end piece of the metallic telescopic stick.

The checking of voltage presence on the overhead lines can be performed using a voltage detector DTCIER/P 6-35 kV (without contact electrode) mounted to the special coupling piece from the top of the insulating stick. During this operation, the electrode of the detector is been replaced by the “phase clamp – metallic telescopic stick” assembly.

Technical characteristics

Nominal operational voltage Un (kV)

max. 35

Section/length of the earthing cable (mm2/m)

35 / 10

Nominal short-circuiting current for t = 1s Isc (kA)


Nominal peak currrent for t = 0,02s Isd (kA)


Testing short-circuiting current for t = 1s Itest (kA)


Testing peak current for t = 0,02 s Ipeak (kA)


Peak factor (SR EN 61230)


Length of the telescopic stick: folded/extended (m)

2,45 / 6,35

Total length of the insulating stick (m)


Conductor diameter on which the clamp can be applied (mm)


 This equipment contains following subassemblies and components:
– Metallic telescopic stick with self- fastening clamp – 3 pieces
– Connectable insulating stick (two modules) – 1 piece
– Metallic drum for cables – 1 piece
– Earthing cables 10m x 35mm2 – 3 pieces
– Earthing clamp – 1 piece
– Earthing rod – 1 piece

This equipment is delivered in a carrying bag.