Spherical pieces for bus bars



Code: P 2180-0-00 M x L  

The spherical pieces should be permanently mounted on the bus bars, on MV indoor installations. This system allows ergonomical mounting conditions of the fast-automatic phase clamps (CAR) of the short-circuiting devices. Usually, the spherical pieces are mounted by replacing an existing bolt or screw used in assembling of bars.

The fasteners choice is made by the customer according the characteristics of the conductors (bus bars).
The spherical piece is made of copper in order to assure a proper electrical conductivity between the bus bar and the phase clamp of the short-circuiting device. Each spherical piece is provided with a bolt, a flat washer, a split-lock (Grower) washer and two hexagonal nuts.

Technical characteristics

Nominal short-circuiting current for t = 1s Isc (kA)


Nominal peak currrent for t = 0,02 s Isd (kA)


Dimension of the screw

M12; M14; M16

Free length of the screw – upon request (mm)

30; 40; 50; 60; 70; 80

Type of phase clamp that can be applied to the spherical piece

Phase clamps (CCU / CAU)

Sphere diameter (mm) 30