Signaling device for voltage presence - DIPT 6-35 kV

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Code: DIPT 6-35 kV  

DIPT  6-35  kV is a warning electronic device designed to detect and signalize the presence of voltage in MV indoor cabinets, in order to prevent / to block the accidental or unauthorized access beyond the fences of the electrical installation. This device has no power source and it can be easily fixed on the bus bars using an appropriate insulating stick. As long as the bars are energized, the device will issue flashing red optical signals.



Nominal voltage of the installation (kV)

6 ÷ 35

Signaling frequency (s)

≤ 12

Nominal voltage frequency of the installation (kV)


Temperature range  (0C)

-10 … + 45

Storage temperature range (0C)

-20 … + 50

Optical signaling

7 red LEDs

Power supply

Without internal power source – direct supply from the bus bar

Thickness of the bus bar on which the device can be mounted (mm)

max. 28

Dimensions (mm)

80 x 110 x 50

Weight (kg)