Short-circuiting device WBT type for piercing clamps – ENEL model

Short-circuiting device WBT type for piercing clamps - ENEL model



The short-circuiting device WBT type for piercing clamps mounted on the LV insulated conductors is designed and manufactured according ENEL specification EM/SCC 0013 RO. The phase clamps tweezers type can be connected in special sockets with the hole diameter of 8 mm or at piercing clamps made according the technical specification ENEL, EA 0138 RO.

The short-circuiting subassembly is composed of two cables with lengths of 300 mm, respectively 375 mm, connected at the middle through a central socket. The ends of cables are provided with phase clamps, tweezers type.
The earthing subassembly is made of a cable with length of 2000 mm, provided at the ends with a phase clamp, tweezers type, respectively a manual earthing clamp.
The manual earthing clamp can be mounted on the bus bars with thickness of maximum 20 mm.

Parameter name


Earthing Sand short-circuiting Sf cable sections (mm2)


Nominal short-circuiting current for t = 0,2 s Isc (kA)


Nominal peak current for t = 0,02 s Isd (kA)


The short-circuiting device contains:

Short-circuiting subassembly made of:
– phase clamp – 4 pieces
– short-circuiting cables – 2 pieces
– central socket – 1 piece

Earthing subassembly made of:
– connecting clamp at the central socket – 1 piece
– earthing cable – 1 piece
– earthing clamp – 1 piece

The short-circuiting device is delivered in a transport box.