Safety signs


The informative and training posters and the safety signs are warning materials that respect the graphics and symbols, colors, types and sizes provided by the laws in force:
– EU directive no. 92/58/EEC-1992;
– Romanian standards in force;
– Minimum requirements for Safety and Health at Work;
– General Norms of Work Safety.

The accompanying texts of the signs can be written in Romanian language or bilingual (Romanian and English) or can be modified on demand depending on the application they are used.

The safety signs
can be:
– Prohibition
– General Information
– Warning
– First Aid
– Work safety precautions
– Mandatory rules
– Fire security and extinction
– Combined Indicators

The informative and training posters can be:
– “Work in de-energized electrical installations – Mandatory technical measures”;
– “First aid in case of electric shock”
and represent industrial protected drawings.

Usually, the warning safety signs and the informative and training posters can have the following dimensions:

• 150 x 100 mm
• 200 x 150 mm
• 200 x 300 mm
• 350 x 500 mm

and can be manufactured on various types of material:
• Self-adhesive vinyl;
• PVC plate, thickness of 1 or 2 mm;
• Galvanized steel plate, thickness of 0,3 mm, embossed inscriptioning;
• Aluminum plate, thickness of 0,7 mm, embossed inscriptioning.