Profi III LED+ and Profi III LCD+ voltage testers

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Code: Profi III LED+
Profi III LCD+

The new Profi III LED+ and Profi III LCD+ voltage testers are characterized by their user-friendly handling, the robust, safe construction and conformity to all requirements placed on modern voltage testers by a specialist. Due to the high safety classification, CAT IV 1000 V, the detectors are also suitable for measurements on hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as photovoltaic installations.

The voltage testers Testboy Profi III LCD + can also measure resistance up to 1999 Ω and indicate frequency up to 1000 Hz.

To switch on the device, simply hold the test probes on one another.

Attaching and removing the measuring probe adapter makes it easier to carry out measurements at the socket.

If the threshold value of 35 V AC/DC is exceeded, a signal sounds and lucid vibration can be felt. This indicates a general hazardous voltage!

Indication of the voltage is carried out without the batteries.

Because of the high protection class (IP65), the Testboy® Profi III LED+ and Profi III LCD+ can also be used under rugged conditions.


Testboy Profi III LED + Testboy Profi III LCD +

Operational voltage range (V AC/ V DC)

6 – 1000 (TRMS) / 6 – 1400 3 – 1000  (TRMS) / 4 – 1400


16 LEDs: 12, 24, 48, 120, 230, 400, 690 and 1000 V LCD with backlighting

Maximum measurement period (s)


Frequency range 0-1000 Hz

Single-pole phase testing


Two-pole phase sequence testing




Resistance testing (Ω)

NO 1-1999 (Ω)

Continuity testing

0…50 KΩ with acoustic signal

Frequency measurement

NO 0 – 1000 Hz

Data-Hold (voltage and resistance)


FI/RCD check test

30 mA at 230 V AC

Phase indication

> 100 V AC

PELV indication

Optical, acoustic and vibrating

Measurement position lighting

White LED


YES (-/+) YES (-)

Input impedance (kΩ)



EN 61243-3:2010

Protection degree

IP 65

Overvoltage category

CAT IV 1000 V

Temperature range (°C)

-10 … +55

Power supply

2 batteries AAA 1,5V – indication of voltage possible without batteries

Dimensions (mm)

300 x 75 x 20

Weight (gr)