Portable work platform – PLP 600 type

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Code: PLP 600

The portable work platform PLP 600 type can be used when the operator must work comfortably at small heights.

The platform is solid and stable, being executed by welding of aluminum profiles and corrugated metal sheets. The width of the steps is 240 mm and their structure provides a safe seating surface.

In order to ensure the stability on the surface on which it is placed, the platform is provided at the feet ends with 4 rubber caps for indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces, floors, etc. and with metallic soles “peg” type for use in open space.

Parameter name


Maximum working height A (m)


Height levels of the work platform B (m)




Maximum sitting surface (m)

0,71 x 0,87

Dimensions of the work platform l x L x A (m)

0,71 x 0,87 x 0,60

Weight (kg)