Phase Indicator – EazyPhase type

Phase Indicator - EazyPhase type

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Code: EazyPhase

The phase indicator EazyPhase is an electronic device that verifies the phases correspondence in three-phased LV electrical networks, the correct power supply of the AC three-phased electrical motors and the rotation of the motors.
The operating mode of the device is simple: the device is connected at the terminals of the installation that needs to be verified and it is observed the indicator`s rotation.If the succession of the phases is correct, the indicator will be rotated clockwise, being indicated by the R led and if the succession is incorrect, the indicator will be rotated counterclockwise, indicated by the L led.
The voltage presence is optically signalized with the aid of the three LEDs (L1/A, L2/B, L3/C) from the main panel.
The device can also determine the magnetic field rotation of the motors through the magnetic sensor, without electrical contact through the connection conductors.

Parameter name


Nominal operating voltage (V AC)

120 – 400

Frequency (Hz)

2 – 400

Power supply

1 battery 9 V 6LR61

Overvoltage category



EN 61010-1

Dimensions (mm)

130 x 69 x 32

Weight (kg)


EazyPhase includes:
– Connection conductors – 3 pieces;
– Alligator clamps – 3 pieces;
– Bag.