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Multitester with open sensor – EazyAmp


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EazyAmp multitester with open sensor for current measurement is a device designed for the quick and safe inspection of the value of alternating voltage, constant voltage, continuity of power circuits, power resistance, value of currents.

EazyAmp multitester consists of the LCD device which also includes the open sensor for the measurement of the alternating current value and the black and red measurements testers.

In order to select the desired measurement range, it is sufficient to position the switch as follows:

V  – alternating voltage
  – direct voltage
  – resistance and continuity
A  – alternating current level

Acoustic signalling indicates continuity of power circuits with resistance values between 0 – 50 Ω.
Black and red testers are used for the measurement of voltage rates, resistance and inspection of continuity, and the current level is measured by the insertion of the conductor in the open sensor.

Technical characteristics Value
Alternating / direct voltage 0 ÷ 1000
Continuity (Ω) 0  ÷ 50
Resistance (Ω) 0 ÷ 20 MΩ
Alternating current  (A) 0 ÷ 200
Maximum opening of the sensor (mm) 16
Operating temperature range  0…+50
Supply  9 V alkaline battery type 6LR61
Overall dimensions (mm)  188 x 67 x 41
Weight (kg) 0.265