Mechanical locks - heavy type


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The mechanical locks (two types: heavy duty / light duty) are special designed to avoid the unauthorized access of civil persons into the transformer substations or cabinets. Through their shape, the locks assure a secure mechanical lock of the access doors or the lids of cabinets from electrical installations. All types of locks can be operated only by a special key. Heavy duty mechanical locks can be used in areas where electrical installations are subject to vandalism. The materials used in their construction have very good mechanical properties.

The actuation of locks can be performed:
From inside – by simultaneously pulling of two buttons;
From outside – by pushing forward the special key in the hole of the mechanical lock.


BIT 90

BIF 65

Recomanded use



Ensuring a high protection standard

By using a special key

Locking elements dimensions (mm)

28 x 12

Locking elements stroke



Dimensions (mm)

60 x 90 x 28

60 x 65 x 28