Line mounted short-circuit fault indicator - Navigator A - Romind

Line mounted short-circuit fault indicator – Navigator A

Line mounted short-circuit fault indicator - Navigator A


Cod: Navigator A

The Short-Circuit Indicator Navigator is an electronic device which is designed for MV utility overhead lines. It consists of a housing made from black UV-stable polyamide material with a stainless steel clamping mechanism, a transparent cap, a display unit with light emitting diodes and an electronic circuit.

The Short-Circuit Indicator is powered by replaceable long-life lithium batteries which have a life expectancy of 15 – 20 years. The display unit is provided with an integrated battery control. When the battery capacity decreases from a total indicating time of 400 hours to a residual time of 50 hours, the indicator will signal this condition via a flashing yellow indicator light for up to 6 months. The Short-Circuit Indicator is installed on and removed from overhead lines with an insulating stick. The display unit provides excellent visibility from all sides.

The Navigator-LM allows for differentiating between two subsequent short-circuit detections. The detection of the first short-circuit results in an equally flashing LED, whereas upon detecting a second short-circuit (e. g. after ARC) the LED is switched to double flashing.

The Navigator-A indicates by 6 high intensity LEDs. Automatic reset is done either by return of current or after passage of a preset time whichever occurs first or manual reset.

Parameter name


Network voltage (kV)

6 – 35

Maximum fault sensitivity (Di/Dt)

Self adjusted (I0=30 A for a fault time of 200 ms) depending on the current load

Power supply

4 x Lithium battery: 3 V; 1,2 Ah
Battery replacement interval normally after  10 – 15 ani or after 300 hours of flashing

Conductor diameter (mm)

8 ÷ 27

Dimensions (mm)

94 x 94 x 155

Operational and storage temperature range (0C)


Weight (with battery) (kg)