Guidance device for insulating sticks

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The guidance device for insulating sticks is used as auxiliary equipment for mounting – dismantling the short-circuiting device on / from bus bars or stranded conductors OL-AL type in high voltage substations of 110 kV and 220 kV, in the following locations: the bars or lines separators, at voltage measuring transformers, a support insulators, at breakers.

The advantages of using this device:
– the method of mounting – dismantling the phase clamps is improved by substantially reducing the operator`s effort (creating an additional support for handling the insulating stick / phase clamp of the short-circuiting device);
– during the earthing procedure, it is avoided the danger of intersection of the elements of the short-circuiting device with the other live that are in the immediate vicinity of the working area.

Click here to see on Youtube how to apply the earthing device in HV/MV substations with guidance device for insulating sticks

For 110 kV substations:
– Fixed couple derivation type*,  code P 2153-0-00
– Guidance  subassembly on wheels, code P 2212-1-00
– Reinforcing element, code P-01L 2212-0
– Support subassembly, code P 2212-2-00 H
– Support plate subassembly, code P 2212-3-00

* Depending on the situation on the field, there will be used instead of fixed couples derivation type, a fixed coupling “Tr” type (code P2211, 0-00) or, where appropriate, both  types of couples!

For the 220 ​​kV stations:
– Fixed couple derivation type, code P 2153-0-00
– Support subassembly, code P 2152-1-00
– Guidance subassembly on wheels, code P 2152-2-00