FlashLED lamp


Code: FlashLED

The FlashLED lamp with battery charger offers users improved lighting conditions of the working area for works in low light or night conditions.

The FlashLED lamp is portable and with adjustable head, LED lights, very versatile and easy to handle. The double lighting system (three LEDs for long distance, in a concentrated fascicle and two LEDs for diffuse lighting) offer the possibility of use in various applications. The FlashLED lamp remains always charged when is not operating and the emergency function allows its use in case of power failure.

The lamp has LEDs with charging indicator, charging status and emergency operating function. The functions of the lamp are: emergency function in case of power failure, memory of the last setting, intermittent and Morse lighting. The lantern is provided with adjustable head that allows the modification of axis towards the horizontal plan, in a 500 field. The lamp has three different illumination modes: concentrated fascicle (3×80), mixed illumination  (2×450 + 3×80) and diffuse illumination (2×450), with 3 colored filters (red, green, yellow) for signalize in the working area and a shoulder strap for transport.

Parameter name


Unified ENEL Tehcnical Specification

EA 0143

Battery charger NiMH

7,2 V / 4500 mAh – without maintenance + no memory function

LED type

5 x 3 W, PowerLED, white color

LED with luminous point made by fascicle at 80


LED with luminous point made by fascicle at 450


Autonomy in the lighting mode – concentrated fascicle (3×80) (h)


Autonomy in the mixed lighting mode (2×450 + 3×80) (h)


Autonomy in the diffuse lighting mode (2×450) (h)


Maximum power (W)


Charging time (h)


Power battery charger (V AC)


Power supply (V DC)


Lamp case protection degree

IP 65

Battery charger case protection degree

IP 54

Lamp + battery charger weight (kg)

1,45 + 0,7

Dimensions without battery charger (mm) L x l x h

257 x 124 x 91

Dimensions with battery charger (mm) L x l x h

332 x 149 x 106

The accessories of the FlashLED lamp with battery charger:
– support for battery charger for 230 V AC + included cable with length of 1,5 m;
– charger support 12 – 24 V DC;
– cable for lamp charger at the vehicle current socket with length of 2 m;
– shoulder strap;
– set of filters (green, yellow, red).