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Flash10 lamp

Flash10 lamp

Code: Flash10

The Flash10 lamp with battery charger offers users improved lighting conditions of the working area for works in low light or night conditions. Having a lead-acid battery of 6V and 8Ah power, the lamp illuminates continuously with the main light for 4 hours. The lamp is provided with:
– a reversible support (installed under the lamp’s body) that allows the reposition of its axis from 0 to 70° from the horizontal plan,
– a transparent filter that allows the modification of the luminous fascicle from point into uniform rays flow,
– three colored filters (red, green, yellow) to signalize the working area,
– a shoulder strap for an easier transportation.

The Flash10 lamp allows the adjustment of the luminous intensity of the main bulb and assures:
– automatic switch from the main light to the secondary light when the battery is low;
– automatic close at complete battery discharge;
– flashing light with the main and secondary light with adjustable frequency

Parameter name


Unified technical specification

ENEL – EA 0143 (RO)

Lead-acid battery

6 V / 8 Ah -without maintenance

Main light with halogen

10 W / 6 V – 200 lumens

Secondary light with tungsten filament

1,2 W  / 6 V

Beam bright spot

approximately 6°

Autonomy main light (h)


Autonomy secondary light after automatic switch from the main one (h)


Autonomy secondary light (h)


Charging time (h)

14 – 100%
10 – 90%

Power supply adaptor (V AC)


Power supply (V DC
                     V AC)


Insulation class


Protection degree

IP 65

Weight (kg)


Dimensions (mm) L x l x h

260 x 137 x 150