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Distributor for mixed filters

Distributor for mixed filters


Code: ØD Distributor  (ØD = diameter of the filter on which is mounted)

The distributors are designed to uniformly distribute the regeneration solutions, working fluid or circulating water in the media from the filters.

At request, there can be ordered distributors or separate components (as spare parts for existing distributors in filters).

Technical characteristics

Working fluid

HCl solution – concentration 1 ÷ 12%
NaOH  solution – concentration 2 ÷ 12%
H2SO4  solution – concentration 1 ÷ 10%

Maximum pressure

6 bar

Test pressure

10 bar

Working temperature

max. 80°C

Slots dimensions

0,2 ± 0,050 mm; 0,4 ± 0,050 mm

The distributor for filters contains the following components:
– Central collector (made of fiberglass reinforced resin);
– Distributing pipes (made of fiberglass reinforced resin) provided with filter nozzles type RD 36×0,2 – M24*;
– Support elements (made of rubber coated steel);
– Fixing elements (made of PVC);
– Assembly elements (made of stainless steel).

* other nozzles, with different sections, can be mounted