Detachable anchoring and fixing device, provided with cord for KRAUSE ladders



SKU: P 2398

The detachable anchoring and fixing device, provided with fall arrester system, used on KRAUSE
extensible / multipurpose ladders, is intended for anchoring and fixing this type of ladders on poles of various cross-sections (on circular poles with diameters between 150 ÷ 600 mm and on poles with rectangular cross-section with sides of maximum 450 x 335 mm), to prevent their tilting or slip, as well as the protection against falling of a worker climbing up/down or working on the ladder at height, by means of a sliding fall arrester on a flexible anchoring support.

This anchoring device for Krause ladders has the following distinctive characteristics:
a) It is completely removable from the ladder and can be mounted / dismounted from the ladder
without any auxiliary tools and without tampering with the ladder in any way.
b) The ladder guiding system on the pole includes a system of V-shaped rollers mounted on the
metallic chassis of the device.
c) The chassis of the anchoring device is mounted on the ends of the rails of the top section and
includes a locking device on the last rung of the ladder which prevents the accidental detachment of the device.
d) The flexible anchoring system is tensioned with a tensioning and locking system consisting of a
strap of adjustable length, a carabiner and a locking device.

The anchoring and fixing system with fall arrester used on KRAUSE aluminium ladders consists of the following elements:
1. Detachable anchoring metallic chassis provided with support rollers on the pole – 1 piece
2. Flexible anchoring device provided with sliding fall arrester and energy absorber – 1 piece
3. Tensioning and locking system of the flexible anchoring support – 1 piece
4. Guiding adapter for the flexible anchoring support by means of the telescopic insulating stick extended to 9 metres, in order to arrange it on the central rod of the device, in order to fasten the ladder on the pole or to dismantle it – 1 piece

The detachable anchoring and fastening system provided with flexible anchoring support, fall arrester, used on KRAUSE ladders, can only be used by a single person.

The detachable anchoring and fixing device with cord, together with the flexible anchoring support, the tensioning and locking system and the guiding adapter is delivered in a waterproof protective bag.

The anchoring and fixing device with fall arrest system, for multifunctional KRAUSE ladders, is composed of:

1. Guiding system of the flexible anchoring support – 1 piece

2. Ladder anchoring system on the pole – 1 piece

3. Blocking system of the flexible anchoring support – 1 piece

4. Adaptor for guiding the flexible anchoring support with the insulating stick in order to fix / dismantle the ladder on / from the pole – 1 piece

5. Flexible anchoring support Ø12 or Ø14, with length L = 10 m or 15 m – 1 piece

6. Guided type fall arrester provided with energy absorber – 1 piece

7. System with rolls for guiding and rolling the ladder – 1 piece