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Anchoring stick


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The anchoring stick is a component of the protective equipment against falling from height, used within the fall arrest system, in order to obtain of an anchoring point of the flexible anchoring support on the metallic consoles of poles and the lattice of metallic poles of high voltage overhead power lines.

The anchoring stick can be used by a single person whose personal protective equipment must include a fall arrest system with a sliding fall arrester specified in SR EN 353-2. In order to provide an appropriate anchoring of the user, the anchoring point represented by this stick must be always above the user’s working position.

The equipment is based on an insulating stick made of two connectable modules, the upper module being provided with an non-detachable metallic anchoring hook in the end area, type CA 152A.

The connecting carabiner between the stick and the anchoring support, the flexible anchoring support and the fall arrester with energy absorber and connector are not part of the product, but can be delivered separately as optional equipment.

Technical characteristics Value
Maximum operating load (user’s weight + accessories) (daN) 120
Static strength (daN / 3 minute) 1.000
Dynamic strength (kg / h=2,5m) 100
Hook opening (mm) 152
Hook dimensions (mm) 263 x 473
Stick length (mm) 3.500
Diameter of GRP modules (mm) 42
Assembly dimensions (stick + hook) (mm) 263 x 3917
Weight (stick + hook) (kg) 4,4