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Anchoring hooks


SKU: CA 150

Anchoring hooks are components of the fall protection systems and are recommended to be hanged on steel or concrete consoles.

Anchoring hooks are made of steel and protected against corrosion. The hooks are provided at the lower side with an eyelet to allow the installation of a carabiner attached to the flexible rope. By attaching to the hook eyelet flexible anchoring support and by mounting the system on the console, it is obtained an anchoring point.

Anchoring hooks are provided with a safety lever to be operated when the hooks must be attached/detached from the metallic console of the pole.
The lever is provided with a ring that allows the handling thereof both on the application and on the detachment of the hook on the metallic console of the pole.

Anchoring hooks are delivered together with a handling fork with a hexagonal rod, which can be fastened on top of the insulating telescopic stick.

Click here to see how the CA 150 anchoring hook is applied!

Technical characteristics Value
Maximum operating load (daN) 120
Static strength (daN/3 minutes) 1.200
Dynamic strength (kg/3 m) 100
Hook opening (mm) 150 ± 3
Overall size (mm) 400 x 460
Weight (kg) 2