Anchoring hook CA 152 A

Anchoring hook CA 152 A



Code: CA 152 A

The anchoring hooks are components of protective systems against falling from the height. These hooks can be applied on metallic consoles of the overhead lines poles. A safety rope with fall arrester should be connected at the eyelet of the anchoring hook. The hanging of this assembly to the console of the pole creates an adequate protective system for workers climbed on the pole.
The anchoring hooks are made of galvanized steel. The hooks can be applied to the console of the pole using a telescopic insulating stick.

The CA 152 A or B hooks have a hexagonal piece for fixing in the coupling system of the stick. After the fixing of the hooks on the console, the insulating stick cannot be detached from the hook.

To prevent an involuntary detachment of the CA 152 A hook from the pole, the insulating stick should be tied to the pole. The CA 152 B hook has a lever in order to prevent an involuntary detachment of the system from the pole.
In order to detach the system, the lever should be operated from the ground, by pulling the cord.    

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Maximum load (daN)


Mimimum static breaking force (daN)


Hook opening (mm)

152 ± 3

Dimensions (mm)

263 x 473

Weight (kg)